About Us

The Design

Northern Sparkly offers an exclusive line of designer jewelry pieces lovingly handcrafted by our team of artisans. We take inspiration from nature as seen through the Northern lenses and combine it with Scandinavian minimalism to create the finest, most delicate bijouteries. We’re here to help you visualize your dream jewelry with designs that never fail to find the perfect balance between timeless elegance and light-hearted playfulness. Every piece makes a statement that translates to simplicity and sophistication.

The Process

Located in Stockholm, Sweden, we’re ready to help you start your journey through a lifetime of memories from the moment we receive your inquiry. By using authentic 14K and 18K gold laced with moissanite stones and natural gemstones, Northern Sparkly creates one-of-a-kind jewelry that captures a distinct beauty. Create your personal touch as we accept full customizations, rendering your ideas in 3D models before bringing them to life. Our passion for quality goes above and beyond, taking our time to appreciate every intricate detail of your made-to-order pieces. 

The Promise 

Authenticity. Integrity. Transparency. Northern Sparkly takes pride in providing fine jewelry pieces through ethical means. By using more sustainable alternatives like moissanite stones and natural gemstones, we replicate diamonds’ lustrous beauty at a fraction of cost. We are also able to legally source diamonds, organic or lab, from our trusted partners for our beloved customers. From start to finish, we make sure to keep you up-to-date with your purchase. Enjoy an assured sense of comfort and peace of mind every step of the way!

Add some daily sparkle with jewelry from Northern Sparkly!